Manage Oracle E-Business Suite Setup and Configuration with ConfigSnapshot

Effective management of Oracle E-Business Suite setup is essential. Whether implementing or extending applications, performing support or undertaking patching and upgrades, organisations must ensure work can be done efficiently, accurately and with minimum risk ? while maximising the benefit to the business. ConfigSnapshot has been developed by Rookery Software to help organisations meet these challenges.

Document using ConfigSnapshot Image Compare using ConfigSnapshot images Analyse with ConfigSnapshot image
Plan and Migrate with ConfigSnapshot image Track with ConfigSnapshot image Comply using ConfigSnapshot image

Features include:
  • Automatically create setup documentation - flexible formats and content including BR100 style
  • Migrate setup from one instance / entity to others- extract > transform / plan > load > compare
  • Directly compare multiple environments, showing all fields or a summary of the differences
  • Compare operating units, sets of books etc. within an environment and across environments
  • Compare setup across different versions of the E-Business Suite when upgrading / reimplementing
  • Identify and analyse customizations to determine impact during an upgrade / patching
  • Patch impact analysis ? prioritise testing on areas directly affect via patching
  • Create date stamped copies of setup (baselines) enabling historic reporting and comparison over time
  • Full audit change tracking
  • Differentiate implementation and seeded data
  • Segregation of Duties conflict reporting
  • Present complex data in simple context-based reports simplifying system administration
  • Multiple reporting formats including HTML, Word, Excel, XML as well as interactive screen-based
  • Extend capabilities across any data area

ConfigSnapshot is supported on Windows 10