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The Challenge:

Audit and control processes are becoming increasingly critical to many organisations; both to meet the requirements of external legislation, such as Sarbanes Oxley or ITIL, or internal requirements to ensure system management is done effectively meeting defined standards, while minimising risks. The complexity of the E-Business Suite and Cloud Applications, from both functional and technical perspectives, makes this a time consuming and costly process – and prone to human error.

A basic requirement of an audit and control strategy is to be able to understand how key areas are currently configured. Traditional manual documentation is both a time intensive process and has a high risk of error as the documentation is managed completely separately from the system itself.

Organisations who manage multiple ledgers, operating or business units etc. must ensure setups are consistent across them, where appropriate, and where they are different that this is for specific business or legislation requirement. This can be a major exercise to continuously manage.

In some cases it is important to capture every change to a record as it happens and know who made the change. This permits organizations to ensure changes can be checked to confirm they were authorised and quickly identify any potential violations.

Ensure environment documentation is kept up to date for audit requirements

Perform full audit track to capture all changes to key setups

Compare actual environment settings against agreed auditor settings

How ConfigSnapshot Helps:

ConfigSnapshot’s automatic documentation enables organizations to be able to review setups accurately in a fraction of the time without any duplication of effort. Furthermore, ConfigSnapshot enables tailored reporting, without coding, allowing organizations to create context based reports to monitor setups so they can be managed effectively and ensure they meet any company standards.

ConfigSnapshot allows direct comparison of multiple entities, making identification of any differences a simple exercise. These differences can be verified to ensure they are expected and quickly rectified when they are not.

ConfigSnapshot allows direct comparison of multiple entities, making identification of any differences a simple exercise. These differences can be verified to ensure they are expected and quickly rectified when they are not.

Baseline capabilities enable point in time capture of setups. The scope of each baseline can be tailored to the specific requirement, for example:

  • Regular capture of controlled setups on a Production environment
  • Capture of setups at key points during planned project work to control change during project phases

Baselines enable organisations to control the change to setup over time where it is not necessary to track every change made to records.

ConfigSnapshot allows users to add notes against any setup record. These can be specific to a single environment or be visible in any environment where that record exists. Notes can be used to support the audit and control process. For example, clearly annotating records that should differ across environments so when comparing these differences can easily be identified as being expected. Notes can also be used to associate a change request reference with affected records.

ConfigSnapshot enables setups to be recorded outside the application environment. This allows organisations to record any settings that might have been agreed with auditors as being a required value. Comparing the environment with the required value will report any deviation.

ConfigSnapshot has the capability to provide audit tracking for specific areas, capturing full details of all changes; what, when and who. Key to this is the way in which audit data is reported; ensuring change is shown to reflect how the data is presented within the application, significantly simplifying understanding.

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"ConfigSnapshot is an amazing tool for reporting, comparing environment configurations , generating BR100s ,CEMLI Identification and of course, one of the most powerful features of this tool is the migration functionality. We used to setup operating units manually which was taking a significant amount of time/effort/money. We decided to use the ConfigSnapshot migration features after attending migration webinar. The more we use the more we like. It has a simple User Interface to create a PLAN and simple ways to migrate. The security model defined around migrations is robust, controlling access at user, module, function and environment level. We highly recommend ConfigSnapshot."

Solution Architect, Industry: Leading International Property and Infrastructure Group