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The Challenge:

Any E-Business Suite or Cloud Applications implementation consists of several environments. It is crucial that these are managed to ensure changes are correctly and efficiently deployed. As the number of environments increases so does the complexity of managing them.

This does not mean that all environments should be identical. Certain setups reflect the specific environment they are associated with, some may yet to be deployed and some may have been created for specific test scenarios and no longer be required. It is important to be able to quickly identify any differences that exist between environments and ensure these are expected and, where they are not, be able to address them.

Where an implementation includes multiple entities, such as operating units or ledgers, many setups should be consistent across them – but there will also be differences due, for example, to local and legislative reasons. Activities such as entity rollouts are significantly simplified if setups for a new entity can be compared against an existing one; however, standard reporting provides little assistance in doing this.

An even greater challenge for organisations is to compare before and after scenarios to understand the effects of activities such as patching or upgrades. Standard reporting is not provided that gives this type of perspective.

Compare across operating units, ledgers, business groups etc.

Compare across versions when upgrading or patching

Determine changes to seeded data that might allow users to access new forms / concurrent programs

How ConfigSnapshot Helps:

ConfigSnapshot provides comprehensive capabilities including:

  • Comparison of two or more environments
  • Comparison across multiple entities
  • Comparison across different versions during upgrades and patching

Comparisons are flexible so you can choose the level of detail reported, e.g.:

  • Summary showing only the differences found
  • Summary showing full details of each record where at least one difference has been found
  • Full setup shown side-by-side with differences highlighted

ConfigSnapshot provides further comparison options to help cater for specific business requirements. For example, where two environments have become out of sync ConfigSnapshot can create a transformation report showing all actions that would be required to realign the environments.

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"ConfigSnapshot is no doubt a great tool for generating comparison reports to identify differences in different e-Business environments. However, the real power lies in the migration component. The migration engine is extremely accurate and the execution precision prevents errors during configuration migrations. The details window is very helpful for configuration visualizations. DevOps is about automation, ConfigSnapshot is the bridge between IT and development"

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