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The Challenge:

Traditionally organisations have painstakingly documented the setups of their environments manually; a highly costly and inefficient process requiring huge effort. In addition to many weeks initial effort when implementing any module, keeping documentation up to date as an environment matures is a difficult one and prone to human error. As a result, documentation often becomes out of sync with the environment causing significant additional checking and reworking of the documentation. Configuration decisions may be made based on incorrect information. In many cases the documentation simply becomes ignored as it cannot be relied upon.

Implementing further change over time presents the challenge of how to maintain both overall environment documentation and managing the incremental change across multiple environments. Simply including new changes in an overall document makes it extremely difficult to ensure they are correctly applied elsewhere as they cannot be easily differentiated from existing configurations within the document. Creating specific change documentation for each release simplifies the control of the release but significantly increases duplication of effort to ensure all changes are also incorporated correctly into overall documentation.

See E-Business Suite and Cloud Examples Above - Click on Image to magnify

See E-Business Suite and Cloud Examples Above - Click on Image to magnify

See E-Business Suite and Cloud Examples Above - Click on Image to magnify


ConfigSnapshot is able to comprehensively document your application setups automatically, removing the need for these to be maintained manually. Not only does this eliminate the time it would usually take to do this task, the resulting documents are far more accurate.

ConfigSnapshot’s flexibility is designed to meet different reporting needs – allowing you to prepare output so it enhances your understanding of that data. For example, you can report all setups within a module, include only specific setups or report across multiple modules; steps can be reported in any order to suit your need.

Data can be filtered to just focus on what is relevant to the task at hand. Whether this is to exclude seeded data, report data added or amended since a particular date or to zero in on particular types of record, ConfigSnapshot enables you to target the data you need rather than having to subsequently manually find and extract relevant information from a larger, unwieldy report.

How data is presented is key to understanding it. Two reports that ostensibly include the same information but differ in how they present it can vary significantly in how quickly and easily a user can understand that information. Rigid formatting provides a barrier to interpretation. ConfigSnapshot provides a wealth of ways to tailor the format of any report so that it can enable a user to see data in a way that immediately allows for it to be understood.

Users can also attach categorised notes to any setup item providing explanatory or instructional information; such as the reason for specific field settings, why a setting was changed and references to change control etc. These notes can subsequently be included in reports providing further context to understand the environment setup.

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