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The Challenge:

Throughout the normal running and administration of any E-Business Suite or Cloud Application environment there are many areas of setup that should be monitored regularly. For example, to ensure that any modification made to security settings, such as adding new users and altering the responsibilities or roles assigned to existing users, can be reconciled against approved change requests.

Organisations will have many policies that should be adhered to, such as ensuring people must change their application password within a specific timeframe.

Standard reporting provided with the applications fails to meet many of these requirements, typically meaning organisations must create custom reports to manage them; increasing the cost of ownership of managing the system both in terms of the development time required to create such customisations and the additional efforts to check the impact of future patching and upgrades on them.

See E-Business Suite and Cloud examples above - Click on image to magnify

See E-Business Suite and Cloud examples above - Click on image to magnify

How ConfigSnapshot Helps:

ConfigSnapshot provides powerful capabilities to define reusable reports targeting particular business needs. Where the need is based on data covered by ConfigSnapshot’s standard reporting tailored reports can be created in minutes without the need for any specialist coding. Reports can be run individually or be included in report sets to allow an organisation to keep control of environments over time, highlighting any changes that should be checked and whether business policies are being adhered to.

Reports can be scheduled or run on an ad-hoc basis; output can be sent to predefined locations or automatically emailed to selected recipients.

ConfigSnapshot’s extensibility allows you to go even further in monitoring your system by enabling you to build reports for any almost aspect of your data. This extensible metadata also seamlessly integrates with ConfigSnapshot’s features such as comparison, baselining and tracking. Comprehensive security options ensure that any report can be restricted so only authorised users can run them.

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"ConfigSnapshot is no doubt a great tool for generating comparison reports to identify differences in different e-Business environments. However, the real power lies in the migration component. The migration engine is extremely accurate and the execution precision prevents errors during configuration migrations. The details window is very helpful for configuration visualizations. DevOps is about automation, ConfigSnapshot is the bridge between IT and development"

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